Hive13 Purchase Request

Last night’s talk made me think of this.

I’d really like to get a simple wireless clip mic for people who are giving presentations and tie it into some of the existing AV equipment we have at the hive. It wouldn’t be that expensive to just buy one new and it would make it a lot easier on presenters when there are larger crowds and/or Reznor is keeping the space warm.

Between Jon and I, I think we can handle the audio setup. Can someone bring this to a vote next tuesday please to authorize spending funds (and perhaps designate a maximum budget?) I’ll gladly acquire things (or someone else can)

-Dave B.

We had a fairly nice wireless mic… It was acquired a couple years ago when we were first working on getting classes set up at the hive. Chris Davis coordinated the purchase I believe, However I am not sure where it is currently located in the hackerspace.

I’ll look around for it this week. If anyone remembers what it looks like or where it got put, I’d love help :slight_smile:

Yes the wireless mics were puchased with Hive funds. They are very nice. I believe there is only one mic in the space (cjdavis has the because he went in on the purchase) but the receiver should also be there. However I have no idea where they are currently located.