HIVE13 phone number 513.593.9292 replies not in service

I'm submitting publicity for the upcoming SCinciHacks event and being
asked to show a phone number in the event notice. I called to check
and our HIVE13 phone number 513.593.9292 replies, "Number not in
service." Any chance in changing this active with some voice message


Ruh roh… So we don’t have a doorbell or a phone number now? Yikes.

i called it and it rang several times, but no answer, either by voice
mail or anything. could be some weird google thing.

i'm looking for a phone with a 80's type answering machine so it can
pick up calls and anyone at the space can listen to the messages.
also the batteries in the handsets we have are crappy, and it would be
nice to have additional handsets around the space.

I’ve got an old set of digital answering machine basestation / 3 cordless handsets that I can bring down, but I think the batteries are probably all shot - attempting to charge them now. Should be easy to get replacements at radioshack.

I’ll bring it in Tuesday.