[Hive13] Party Prep

Hi All,

For those who don’t make the Tues meetings or check the minutes on the wiki, I wanted to give you a quick update. As you probably know we have a Grand Opening party this Sat. 29th at 7pm. We need volunteers to help cleanup the space and get it ready for the party. This means, clear off the bar, clean up the network room, Clean the middle carpeted shelf so people can use it and put their drinks there. Sweep, dust, wipe down some of the donated chairs that haven’t been used yet. Decorate, help build shelves, whatever.

Also wee need to get a list of volunteers together that would be willing to work certain areas. Most official events will only last from 7pm to 9pm so with shifts this should not be too bad. Some positions we need volunteers for:

Working the Door. This one will also check IDs and sell beer mugs.
Raffle / Silent Auction - These are probably going to be combined in one booth but maybe two.

I will be there Friday and a decent crew will be at the space starting at 10am. If you have any questions what needs to be done feel free to respond to the mailing list or jump on IRC.