Hive13 Organization and Cleanup Day Tomorrow @ 11:00 am

This is just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 6th starting @ 11:00 am we will begin working on organizing and cleaning up the space to get it ready for the party on Feb. 13th.

If you can’t make it at 11:00 am you are welcome to come down anytime throughout the day and any help is appreciated.

Also to note, at the end of the day we will be looking to eliminate a large amount of the old CRT’s and (extremely) obsolete hardware, if you wish to retain any of this hardware or are concerned about what hardware might be discarded I HIGHLY recommend you show up tomorrow. I know our standard procedure is that hardware to be discarded must be marked two weeks in advance, however the party is happening in 1 week and the hardware has to be removed before then. I will try to only pick items for immediate removal that are (A) CRT’s or (B) extremely old and broken (AKA old empty P1 & P2 computer cases). If you would like to help strip computer cases and maybe dismantle some printers, that help would also be appreciated.

  • Paul Vincent.

Also, some of us are planning on stopping by the UC Surplus Sale
beforehand at 9:00am Saturday. We'll meet there, check it out, and
then head over to the space to work on the clean-up. More details
about the sale can be found at


Thank you to the people who showed up today, we got a lot accomplished. I uploaded some pictures to flickr of the current state of the Hive. There is still a good amount of work that needs to get done but we put a sizable dent in it.

  • Paul

Oh, and Craig has mentioned that he will be up at the Hive on Sunday working on some cleanup work. There is a list of potential cleanup projects sitting on the kitchen table if anyone stops by before Tuesday.

  • Paul

And for the record, all the printers stacked against the pillar are
considered garbage-worthy unless a post-it note marks otherwise. Some
of the inkjets have good steppers/encoders and one of the laser
printers probably has a decent laser inside. If anyone wants an old
possibly-working inkjet that might have ink, this is your chance.

I’m swinging by home depot for another drill bit then heading to the hive. I should be there by 10 not sure how long I’ll stay but I’m bringing my child laborers to help.