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I’m aware of this problem and I’ll see if I can get it resolved between getting out of work and the meeting. If I can’t get it resolved by then I’ll shanghai Craig, Starbuck, and Foxydot to help me out.

The issue is there is no redirection from to on the colo box. Wordpress looks at the requested domain name when your request hits, and it serves the appropriate name’s content. is defined in Wordpress, without the www is not. Use for now…


I just added a symlink for the wordpress config. Try it now.

Ok, it works…sort of. It 301 redirects to I guess that is the expected behavior.

BTW, I may know a bit about this kind of stuff so just let me know if you need any help. ( just to be clear…“help” like: “having more people to do stuff makes less work all around”, not “help” like: “you don’t know what you are doing and need someone else to do it for you”.)

So long as it’s transparent to the end user, the solution works for me. Here at work I don’t even see the redirection, I just magically end up at


Well, according to SEO rules, it's better to only use one of or anyways to avoid duplicate content. I don't think it matters which one, as long as one redirects to the other, which it's now doing.

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