Greetings Fellow Hivers,

Quick announcement: Thanks to the fantastic folks over at LetsEncrypt, our website is now brimming over with delicious, delicious SSL encryption. That’s right, we have now caught our web technology all the way up to the year 2000! At this rate we could upgrade to HTTP/2 as early as 2032! Booyah!

I have tested as many things as I could think of and almost everything seems to be working. I have only found two problems:
The Open/Closed image on the website no longer updates (I know the problem and the fix, I just haven’t done it).
The Calendar Events list wont load (No clue on this one. Working on it.)

If anybody notices any other problems let me know, otherwise just enjoy our shiny new free encryption.

Ian B.

The Calendar Events list is probably a CORS issue:

Ian W.