Hive13 network

I stopped by the hive to cut out some stencils for a charity event this weekend. I needed to download the stencils first but the internet is down. I saw that on the mobile workstation that someone else seemed to have been troubleshooting this problem as well.

I set my phone to tether and downloaded my file that way. However fastor is also unreachable. I can ping the gateway but that about it. With the USB being broken on the laser workstation, I am out of options. I’m also out of time for today.

It would be helpful if known issues were posted to the mailing list. Now I need to run to the ISP because it seemed our external web server is also having problems. It responds on the network level (ping, TCP syn) but no services respond. Ugh. Going to be one of those days…

It was down yesterday and Shaddoxx was troubleshooting. Ended up getting it working. Also, I’m pretty sure the usb port works. U could always transfer it by drop box. Sorry it didn’t get posted, seemed to be working fine when we left last night.

FYI, that troubleshooting last night disconnected some SSH sessions I had open and I lost some work. It wasn’t a big deal at all, but it would be nice if next time there were a heads up.

Actually, that’s a poor assumption, I don’t KNOW that the troubleshooting did it. But I was connected fine before and after. :slight_smile:

That makes sense. For some reason it was down again. I did some troubleshooting but didn’t see what the reason was, also noticed some servers like Fastor could not be reached. I could ping the gateway. The only usb device I had was my phone and I didn’t want to take the chance of it frying :confused: Dropbox won’t work w/o internet so I just left it. I will try to swing by tonight or tomorrow.

The Hive13 server was responding on the network stack but no services responded. I went to the ISP and could not enter anything into the console either. I did see a core dump message from the Process Swapper, but I don’t have much else to go on. I rebooted the server and everything came up fine. I assume it was a kernel issue although I don’t know what caused it at this time. So at least the server is up.


When I looked at it on Tuesday night, I noticed that the hard drive was full on pfsense. I cleared up some space on the drive (cleaning out some old log files), hoping that it could get me to either tonight or Sunday.

I can’t even ping to anything at the hive today, so, I’m assuming pfsense has tanked again. I’m going to try to head out of here in the next few minutes to head over and look at it.


I’m in nashville now. I’ll try to stop in tomorrow and look.

Fastor has been dropping off the network for no good reason. I thought a loose cable was the issue but i guess that wasnt all of it.

I’ll try to stop in and check on things tomorrow when I get back.


Did anyone manage to get the internet back up at the space? I would like to stop by again at lunch on Friday.

As of 10:30pm Thursday the internet is still down. Also, the laser cutter seems to be out of alignment.

I can come in tomorrow to realign the laser cutter.


I fixed the internet today in between work and more work. I’ll swing by once I leave work to look again tonight.


After some troubleshooting, I’ve discovered the cause for the issues on the network – there’s a DHCP server giving out IP addresses in the 192.168.1.x block, that’s overwriting the default gateway, DNS options, and everything else that makes sense.

If you think the network is broken, check your IP address. You should have an IP address that looks like 172.16.X.X – not 192.168.1.X.

If you discover what’s giving out the IP addresses, please unplug it from the network and keep it in a safe place, isolated from the network. It has a date with a lead pipe while someone plays some Geto Boys in the background.


I’m at the hive now. Good info on the rogue dhcp server. On the laser it can ping the internet fine from the command line however no browser works. Do we have a transparent proxy in use?

Right now no dhcp is being set on the box but hard coding got me internet via command line. If only windows came with ssh I could easily get more tools… Unless it is a firewall issue blocking all ports. I have more time to troubleshoot today, so I’ll let you know what I find.

I installed wireshark on the mobile workstation. I saw a lot of mdns requests coming from a desktop after a dhcp request packet. I turned off that machine and that cleared up some of the traffic but http doesn’t work. However https does. So there is obviously a transparent proxy or route that only intercepts port 80 traffic.

The laser machine currently does not receive any dhcp request but hard coding works.

Also…is there a chance the laser is just burned out? It doesn’t even cut card stock paper. Is there a place in town I can go to use a laser cutter? I’ll pay. I need it asap for approx 3 minutes.

Uhm http started working…no idea


AFAIK, we don’t have any transparent proxies that I’m aware of.

I really think that it’s time to rebuild (or upgrade) the pfsense box. That might be a Tonight or Sunday night project for me.