Hive13 metalworking class


I would like to do a brief metal working class that would cover drilling, tapping and cutting of metal.

Now that we have “nice” drills and a new tap & die set I think it would be cool to introduce people to making holes in metal and putting some threads in.

This would be mostly hands on with some discussion while they do the work.

Mark a spot for a hole (spring loaded center punch)
Mount the workpiece
Select the right drill for the hole (match to tap)
Sharpening the drill bit with the drill Doctor. (even if the new bit doesn’t need it, we would sharpen an older bit for experience)
Install the bit in the drill press/mill.
Use of cutting fluid.Drill the hole.
Clean it out.
Put the drill bit back in the case. :slight_smile:
Use the tap handle to hold the tap.
Tap the hole (with cutting fluid)
Clean it out.
Put the tap back in the case :slight_smile:

We could even use a die to make threads on a rod and then put it in the hole we just made.

The metal cutting part would involve a hacksaw and the metal band saw. This could possibly be another quick class. Maybe just how to use the metal band saw (after I clean it up).

Anyway, I wanted to gauge interest which would determine if it is an after Tuesday meeting topic or a Saturday longer activity.

Reply to this thread if you would like to attend and if a Tuesday or Saturday time is better.
With the PTDR coming up it would probably have to wait till after PTDR though.


With my schedule I’d be interested in a Saturday event

I would be beyond enthusiastic in attending a class like this.

I would also be interested in a Saturday event!

Count me in!

I could go for a Saturday