Hive13 Metal Lathe Certification Class April 6th 2019

Hive13 owns a Grizzly Model G0776 Metal Lathe which makes cylindrical shapes from metal and other materials by rotating the workpiece while a tool cuts into the work. Our basic lathe can produce screw threads, tapers, drilled holes, knurled surfaces, and crankshafts.

This three hour class introduces makers to the Metal Lathe. Full certification requires demonstration of the learned skills.

Covered are:

· Lathe safety and setup

· Tool selection for turning operations

· Holding parts using 3-Jaw chuck

· Changing tools and setting spindle speeds

· “Zero” the X and Z axis using the DRO

· Basic facing and turning cuts on aluminum

· Mounting and centering work in the 4-jaw chuck

· Demonstrate understanding of Backlash

Students will receive a practice piece of aluminum.

No prior metal working experience is required. However you will benefit from reading these before class.

· Fundamentals of Machine Tools TC 5-954 courtesy of the US Army


· Grizzly Model G0776 Metal Lathe manual


Cost $10 Sign up on MeetUp Hive13 Metal Lathe Certification Class, Sat, Apr 6, 2019, 10:00 AM | Meetup

Address questions to

April 6th 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Bring lunch or go out to local eateries

Bump - Reminder the Lathe Certification Class is Saturday at 10:00 am