Hive13 Mask Requirement Update

From our President:

Hey everyone!

As of February 25th 2022 the CDC introduced the COVID-19 community level tool; allowing you to see what the current risk level is given the number of hospital admissions and filled beds as well as new cases. Low or medium level counties may safely go mask-free indoors.

Hamilton county is currently at a level medium. With this, we’ve decided to lift Hive13’s mandatory mask mandate. However, please keep in mind that we will continue to monitor both Hamilton and neighboring counties for high risk and may reinstate as necessary.

Also, please note you are absolutely welcome to continue to wear a mask. Honestly, masks have been pretty beneficial in protecting us in many ways; against poor air quality, for the benefit of immunocompromised folks at home, or your self esteem by covering a massive zit on your chin.

Be excellent to each other; stay home if you’re feeling ill. Go forth and make things; now with the entirety of your beautiful faces showing!