Hive13 March Movie Night

Hello all,

It's time for another Hive13 Movie Night this Friday. In honor of the passing of everyone's favorite Vulcan we will be featuring the Star Trek: Original Series trilogy of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and Voyage Home.

Nancy and I will be there around 5pm and we will run until people get bored.

Nancy will be making pizza and (possibly) milkshakes. I will (as always) be making popcorn. Please feel free to bring food/drinks for yourself or to share.

See you all then.

  - Dark Ian

We are here! there is pizza! there is Movies! come on down!

Quotes from movie night:

Because Science!


Vulcan hind meld (not a typo)

(in response to banging noise heard from inside the lounge) Hey! They’re doing Science at the small tools bench with a rubber mallet and a frying pan!-What the hell?!? (runs outside)

Many thank yous to the people who showed up. Check the wiki page for movie night themes and to offer suggestions!!


Yes, our second movie night was a success. Thanks to Nancy for the excellent snacks and drinks. Thanks to everyone who came for the amusing combination of jokes about 80's clothing and heated debates about Star Trek timelines.

And I would like to offer one more quote with absolutely no context whatsoever: "Dong Noonien Singh"

  - Dark Ian