[Hive13] MakerBot for Hive13


I just wanted to announce that MakerBot kits went on sale again today
and I went ahead and ordered one. It will be a while before it
finally comes, but it's coming.

I set up a pledgie to fund it. (Basically this is to re-imburse me.)


I should also mention that we are being actively taunted by the Philly
hackerspace Hive76.


They set up a pledgie to buy one too and they are way ahead of us.


So, please go contribute! We don't want to let them win!


P.S. - Does anyone have access to the hive13 twitter account? craig
if you're reading this, could you hook me up?

And make sure you contribute to the right one :slight_smile:

I hope we win cause then I would have to sign up and use it!!!!