Hive13 Library


I have begun the task of cataloging the books at Hive13. I'm entering
them in which is a nice site that I already use
personally. It doesn't do things like checkouts, etc, it mainly just
shows you what you have and information about your collection.
Importantly, it allows you to search a collection, so that should be
useful for us.

Our LibraryThing account is at:

I've started shuffling books around a little. The books over on the
gray metal shelves by the popcorn machine and the books on the black
wooden shelf have all been entered online. The rest have not yet been
entered. I've labeled those two shelves too. I'd appreciate it if
those books I've recorded didn't get mixed back into the books I
haven't reached yet. Other than that, feel free to grab anything.
Honor system. Don't make me charge fines. :wink:

Eventually, I'll try to enter all of them and maybe even put them into
some kind of order. If we want to set up a real circulation system, I
can easily export out of LibraryThing and into another system. This
is a good starting point.

We have a nice collection. Check it out!


Very cool, thanks :slight_smile:

This is pretty nice! I had no idea we had some of the books in that catalog. Some will be very useful in the future like the Merck Index!


Library Update:

I spent some time entering more books last night. We are now up to
254 books on LibraryThing. I would estimate that I'm about two thirds
of the way through our collection.

In order to simplify my task, I've started adding small green dot
stickers to books I've added to LT to differentiate them from ones I
haven't added yet. Now it is not as important (but still convenient)
for them to stay on separate shelves. See:

Also, I've created a wiki page where I'll document what I've done so
far and where I'll post further updates:



Awesome work!

Props Dave!