Hive13 learn to solder badges

I dropped off about 150 learn to solder badge PCBs. It was too clean for me to find the learn to solder stuff :wink: so they’re on the table in meeting area. I think they’ll be needed this weekend. I won’t be able to make it this time. Best of luck one and all.


For the future that stuff has always been stored above the electronics
bench closer to the meeting area. Thanks for getting more boards!

Is it this weekend?

I forgot to say, I will be out of town, so I won’t be there either. I echo Dave’s “best of luck.”

Echo: This weekend?

Anyone know what is this weekend? The only thing I can think of is books by the banks, but that is the 17th, and I don’t know if we can do soldering there anyhow.

NM, I’m a week ahead. 10/10 not 10/3

So, uhh… What is next weekend?

Jon next weekend. I talking my cnc and printer …

So, uhh… What is next weekend?

This weekend is the KCPL maker festival if you guys can make it and show some cool stuff. It’s 1-4 and the library opens at 10.


Justin, did you mail the list earlier? The week before is generally a little bit last minute for most folks. I’m tied up next 2 weekends, unfortunately so I won’t be able to help at either event.


I think I did and Brandon from the library might have contacted someone. If you don’t want to bring the solder kits that would be fine. If someone could show up with some stuff you guys have made and talk about it.


Jon I am not sure if this falls under the COO role. May I suggest that we find a better way of tracking these events that the hive might have volunteers.


sorry for the cross post - if it helps - I updated the thread on the makerfest / makerfaire
do we want something like signup genius?