Hive13 Laser Computer

The Hive13 laser computer’s hard drive has died and gone to where ever dead computer hard drives go to roost. When I came in this evening the laser computer’s bios was reporting “Unknown device connected to SATA-0” and the bios was not recognizing it as a hard drive when I went into setup.

I left the hard drive sitting on top of the box, perhaps someone knows some hard drive voodoo that can bring it back from the grave, but it looks pretty dead to me.

For future reference, we do have a Hive13 account, if you have a dropbox account it is really, really easy to share a folder between your dropbox account and the Hive13 account. Once you do this you can just save your laser projects into that shared folder and they will magically appear on the laser cutter. Also, in the event of a future hard drive failure, your data will not be lost.

That all said, Hodapp & I spent the better part of this evening setting up a computer to use w/ the new CNC machines and reviving the Laser computer. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Laser computer
  • Installed working 250 GB hard drive
  • Installed fresh copy of Windows XP SP3 & associated windows updates
  • Installed LaserCut 5.3 & laser cutter drivers (it works)
  • Installed the Hive13 dropbox on the machine.- CNC Computer
  • Installed fresh copy of Windows XP SP3 & associated windows updates
  • I think that is it, Hodapp handled this one
    A member, John, stopped by to use the laser cutter. I promised to email him after the laser was working again, however I can not seem to find the scrap of cardboard he wrote his email address on… If you are the John that stopped down, I am sorry I lost your email, I just got the laser cutter up and working about 5 minutes ago. It is ready if you still want to stop on down tonight.

Hi Guys,

I have a dell computer running XP that I need to wipe. No monitor but it would be a good cpu platform cleaned and reload. Any interest?



There is a pinning tray for the lock forensics group that they wanted to cut out. If the laser cutter is back up and working would there be anybody willing to swing by the space around 7-8 that is certified to use the laser cutter. Normally I would but my daughter has a concert tonight.

I believe Paul set up the laser cutter software and tested it last
night. However, I don't know if any of the other supplemental software
(Inkscape, GIMP, any other CAD, printer drivers) made it on there,
should we need any of it.

Perhaps I should make a Clonezilla image of this machine once it's set
up fully. It wasn't a hard setup, but for important machines like this
we really should be in the habit of having images on the NAS.