Hive13 Laser Class

I tried to send this to however my email bounced and I did not realize it until late last night.

Note For now the class is only open to Hive13 Members and there is no registration page.

What: Hive13 Laser Class
Where: Hive13 Hackerspace
When: 7:30 pm 7/11/2011 & 7:30 pm 7/18/2011
Cost: $20, People who helped fund the laser purchase can take the class for free.

Plan for the class is there will be a presentation giving an overview of the laser and how to run it. Then there will be a hands on portion where each person will go through the steps for cutting on a project from turning the laser on to cutting something out.

Each participant in the class will be cutting out the Adafruit spirograph.

So put our names on a list somewhere or just show up on the day we want to take the class?

Just show up on the day you want to take the class. Anyone that shows up to the first one is more than welcome to come back to the 2nd one for free.