Hive13 Laser Class Tonight

This is a reminder that the 2nd Hive13 Laser class is happening tonight at the hackerspace.

Even if you are currently signed off on using the laser, if you have not attended the class I strongly recommend you do so. Our previous “certification” of just showing each other what we knew was haphazard and incomplete. Each time I talk with another one of the operators it seems that one of us is showing the other one something new about the laser cutter. I think the class would be an excellent time for us to get together and share our individual knowledge.

Note For now the class is only open to Hive13 Members and there is no registration page.

What: Hive13 Laser Class
Where: Hive13 Hackerspace
When: 7:30 pm 7/18/2011
Cost: $20, People who helped fund the laser purchase can take the class for free.

Plan for the class is there will be a presentation giving an overview of the laser and how to run it. Then there will be a hands on portion where each person will go through the steps for cutting on a project from turning the laser on to cutting something out.

Each participant in the class will be cutting out the Adafruit spirograph.