Hive13 is HOT

Yes, the HIVE is hot as hell, but not in a good way. The window unit in the fab lab overheated and does not work.

The main room is currently a cool 86 degrees even though it is 77 outside. I can't imagine what the temperatures where inside earlier.

And we're in for hotter days ahead...

So where are the window units we agreed upon MONTHS ago that are still not here? We keep TALKING about it and need to take ACTION. Either get it done or delegate to those who keep volunteering to help.

Sorry to be so direct, but many of us that come in frequently are tired of this dragging on without any sense of urgency.


IIRC the cooling problem is in tandem with the electrical problem, we
can cool the space or run tools, but not both at the same time.

I bet you could accomplish a lot with creative use of those massive fucking blowers I brought down in the mean time.

The electrical issue will hopefully be solved soon. I believe the hold up is buying AC at a deal. Do we want to just buy some full price? I’ll reimburse. Worse case is we can’t afford as many as we want but at least we’ll have some

So would this mean there will be AC tomorrow? I was hoping to bring my niece with me to the meeting, but if it’s going to me cramming into the couch room I’ll just skip the meeting altogether.

Yep, I completely agree with Ed on this one. We pretty much decided on the electric, but that isn’t stopping us from getting the units at least…

Tiffany, the AC in the fab lab room is kaput. The motor went south again (I’m surprised it lasted this long!).

I guess it would depend on how good the deal is Craig. If we really aren’t saving all that much then why bother forcing us to wait until the summer heat is already here…


It was hot tonight and we weren’t running ANY tools. The indoor temperature didn’t drop in the three hours we were there so the temperatures will likely increase as we get more consecutive warm days, with 90s expected over the weekend.

What is the BTU/price of the units? (just to get an idea of what deal we’re getting and what other options might be comparable) The plan was to get six units, right?

We have a few outlets that can be utilized now. Yes, we’ll be able to use all the units once the new wiring is done but there’s no reason we shouldn’t proactively purchase the AC units.


Marcus (the electrician) is coming down to Hive13 tomorrow at 9am. If anybody wants to be be there feel free to stop by. I need a copy of any plans or thoughts of what all we wanted done by the end of tonight’s meeting.


The AC units will be there tonight. I may be late getting there.

A BIG Thank You to Dave for picking up the AC units and everyone else that helped with the unloading/installation of them. The space was VERY comfortable last night and we only have half the units installed.

I look forward to a lot of activities this summer in the space. (and a sweat-free anniversary event this July!)

Thanks again.