[Hive13] Help theAnchorBuilding.com

Hi all,

First up, the person above is is official gone! Nobody will be in the room above us until August 18th. So no noise curfew :slight_smile:

Secondly, Grant (our landlord) has asked if anybody from the hive would be willing to volunteer to build up a site for the Anchor Building. Grant has already purchased theAnchorBuilding.com but has yet to do anything with it. He would like to build a pretty straightforward website for The Anchor Building. The purpose of it would be to highlight the current tenants and their businesses, highlight the cool spaces and features, and post any vacancies or news - nothing fancy in its functionality.

He has talked with a photographer about getting some cool shots for the building and is looking for somebody who can do something graphically cooler than the default go daddy style website. I figured we could use one of the open templates (http://www.oswd.org/) to make something pretty easy for him to use and maintain.

I think it would be great if Hive13 can step up and do this for him.

Any volunteers?


*Raises Hand*

Is there payment? Discount on rent one month? Does it go to the hive,
or the designer/developer? Happy feelings only?

I'm currently in the process of recreating the face of my web
development and design company, but still handle offers.

Or we could just make it a joint effort between whoever is interested.
I'm not opposed to using a template if it doesn't really matter, but
I'm used to custom designing most stuff (sadly even the CMS, never got
around to finding one I like (please don't mention WP or Drupal, I
like to design the site/application from scratch and implement the CMS
afterwards, not the other way around. Though I can't honestly say I've
looked into Drupal much)).

Anyway, reporting for duty.


Willing to help.