Hive13 has a Light Box!

Just an FYI

As I was rummaging around in the overhead storage in the annex I discovered a (photography) lightbox and several backdrops. It was back behind everything else and not visible at all from the ground or even a ladder.

I was pleased to see that we had one and had ever considered requesting that we obtain one.

If you want to photograph projects or items for sale this is the way to go and we’ve got much of what you need. I’m going to continue my hunt to see if we have any kind of lighting for photographic (esp lightbox purposes). If anyone already knows the answer to this please chime in.

Yes Mike and I donated one in the last few years.

Man I would totally probably get a membership if you guys had space for a photo studio. I really like when you guys do down there I just live in Dayton so it’s really just not feasible for me to constantly come down there.

Stephen, I've been told that this has been discussed in the past and is considered as a real possibility. I will bring up your comments

I would be happy to help with it. Depending on the location and access availability it could be rented out to help fund the space.

We’ve seen a few ideas tossed around here and there:

  • A small studio for audio recording

  • A good studio for video recording and/or photography

  • A darkroom (space and plumbing are big factors there)

Unless there’s some major interest in a dark room I don’t think it’s really worth putting in. The studio space for recording and for photography though on the other hand is worthwhile and generally useful.

Every one of the ideas were shot down as well. For the same reason: space limitation.