Hive13 Gas Cooking Stove/Oven

Thisa known issue to those who use the Kitchen more than me, but the stove has developed an issue where if the lower over is on, there is an updraft through the stove burners that blows out the flame of the burner and causes unburned gas to flow out. This is quite unsafe and posses an explosion risk.

I have not looked into what is causing the issue, but based on the ago the the stove, I'd suggest it might be appropriate to simply replace it.

Quick searching, we can get a more modern good quality gas stove used for $150-$300. Should we put up a vote for a budget and see what deals we can find?

*may be a known issue

Typing is hard...

We may be able to get an oven from the building value guy

Anyone happen to look at the stove to confirm the problem I was seeing? I don’t want to be the one to put up a vote, as I don’t have a truck of my own. Though if no one with a truck steps up, I could always borrow one from work.

Mine is on loan to a friend right now but can be available if you tell me the day before you need it.