Hive13 Fence Painting (glass block display)

Is anyone interested in either learning rudimentary electronics soldering or the basics of addressable LED control with Arduino?

Greg, Ian, and I are in process of converting the glass block window above the main door to easier to use WS2811 compatible LEDs, but seem to be getting held up by the amount of fiddly soldering and mounting work to be done.

I’m hacking away at the problem to the tune of about an hour a week, so it will eventually be completed. It’s slow going though, and it occurs to me to ask if anyone else would like to get in on the fun.

  • Ry

I’d be happy to help.
I’m getting better at soldering the more I do.
I should be at the meeting Tuesday.


I am interested

I can always use more practice soldering. I should be at the Tuesday meeting.


i started to do some soldering… doing it on the glassblock is very annoying…
I offer the suggestion of making a pattern, and making the block units of LEDs and then applying them to the glassblock.

Because I’m heading up to Detroit Makerfaire tomorrow and won’t be available for Lorin’s Hive Improvement efforts, I’ve dropped several hours of work into the glass block display this weekend. It won’t be entirely complete by the time I leave tonight, but it’ll be significantly closer.

The data lines will be mostly complete, leaving the (much easier) power wiring vulnerable to a final push next week.

  • Ry

do you have an intended schematic of how you want them laid out?

This would be abnormally formal for the Hive, and I have not broken with tradition here.

If anyone’s willing to pitch in, I’ll likely be at the Hive For another hour tonight, then again on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening next week. I could explain in detail in person.

Those already familiar with ws2811 LEDs will find the layout almost intuitively obvious. The only quirk is that there are 4 LEDs per block with the input lines tied together. This causes each group of 4 to function as a single element.

  • Ry

The data lines are now entirely complete. Power wiring remains.

Onward and downward.

  • Ry

You are awesome. It really needs to be revived as a signature piece of the Hive. Thank you!