Hive13 Elections in July - Officers and Directors


As I mentioned earlier, we are due to re-elect our Board of Directors
and Officers. The Bylaws state that the Annual Meeting, in which
these elections should be held, occurs in July. For that reason, we
want to start taking names of people that are interested in running
for these positions starting now. We can accept nominations up until
one week before the Annual Meeting. My suggestion is that we hold the
Annual Meeting on Tuesday July 6, unless we can't for some reason.
That would mean we could accept nominations up until June 29. The
process for these elections is fairly straightforward and is described

There are three (3) Director positions and five (5) Officer positions.
Directors may be but are not required to be Officers, and vice versa.

The directors are basically the people legally responsible for the
corporation. Their duties are as follows:

1) The duties of the Board shall include:
a) upholding and advancing the principles of the corporation,
b) being responsible for the legal, contractual, and financial
affairs of the corporation,
c) fulfilling all roles required by Ohio law.
2) Any policy affecting the organization at-large will, unless stated
otherwise, be decided upon by the voting membership.
3) The Board of Directors is responsible for making sure the officers
of Sad Bee, Inc. are performing their duties as defined by these by
laws, and providing any assistance that the officers may need in
performing those duties.
a) The Board of Directors does not have authority to alter the scope
of an officers’ duties or remove an officer from his position; any
such decision must be made by a vote of the membership.
The officer positions are: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief
Technical Officer, and Chief Operations Officer. Their duties are
quoted at the end of this email and can also be found at:

If you're interested in nominating yourself or someone else, let me
know and I will record the nominations. If for any reason the Annual
Meeting would be better held on a date other than July 6, let us know.


Officer Duties:

The officers of the Corporation shall consist of a President, a
Secretary, a Treasurer, a Chief Technical Officer, a Chief Operations
Officer and such other officers, as the Board may from time to time
deem advisable. Any officer may be, but is not required to be, a
director of the Corporation.

1) The President serves as a representative of the Corporation to the
public and in all functions where a President may be called for by law
or any other outside requirements, and is responsible for
public-facing communication.
2) The President is responsible for making sure that the corporation
files its annual report and any other papers required to maintain
legal nonprofit status by the law of Ohio or Federal law.
3) The President shall organize and preside over all meetings of the
membership and of the board of directors.
4) The President is responsible for enforcing the rules of meeting
procedure as detailed in these documents.

1) The Secretary shall supervise the keeping of a full and complete
record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors and its
2) The Secretary shall supervise the giving of such notices as may be
proper or necessary.
3) The Secretary shall supervise the keeping of the minute books of
this corporation.
4) The Secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes of all
official meetings of the membership and the board of directors in the
corporation's permanent records.
5) The Secretary shall be responsible for collecting a list of the
issues on the agenda for each membership meeting, and circulating that
list to the members for them to vote on at the upcoming meeting as
provided in the section of these bylaws entitled Notice of Meetings.

1) The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all financial assets of
the Corporation. This includes but is not restricted to:
a) keeping record of the organization’s budget,
b) the collection of membership dues from members,
c) the payment of rent and utilities for any space leased by the Corporation,
d) filing taxes,
e) the disbursement and reimbursement of funds authorized to be spent
under the procedures detailed in these bylaws,
f) and preparing financial reports to the board.

Chief Technical Officer
1) The Chief Technical Officer is responsible for ensuring the
maintenance and consistency of the technological infrastructure as
needed by the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, the
website and internal network of the physical space.

Chief Operations Officer
1) The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for managing the
safety, security and tidyness of the physical space.
2) The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for planning and
logistics of official events such as classes, workshops and parties.

1) In their areas of responsibility, Officers are expected to build
consensus and work toward the goals of the corporation and its
2) Officers may enlist the help of other members and non-members in
meeting their responsibilities.