Hive13 Director - Open Nominations

Hive13 member Paul Vincent has graciously resigned his position as a Director.

Hive13’s bylaws state that a nomination period for a new Director shall begin now and remain open for one week (until 11:59 PM, May 9th). May 10th an email will be sent out to all members with a link you may use to vote. Voting will remain open until the Special Meeting of Members (coinciding with our regular Tuesday meeting) at 7:30 PM, May 23rd.Directors help Hive13 to thrive as a community of makers. As a director you will be provided with plenty of support and guidance. This volunteer position does ask for attendance at monthly Board meetings and participation in Hive13 decision making.To view Hive13’s bylaws please the following link: more information about the Director’s responsibilities, please see the following link:

I nominate Cyrina Thomas for Director with her full and enthusiastic agreement.

Dave Velzy

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I’ve worked with Cyrina on a couple of different projects over the last couple of years and am VERY happy to endorse her candidacy for the board!

-Chris Davis

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