Hive13 Delta Building Group / Mailing List Created

Delta Building Group / Mailing List:!forum/hive-delta-dorks

I expect that discussion will continue and get into more details on this topic. Let’s move it to this sub-group. We can also use it to share files, Calendars, etc.


Why? As long as it is in one thread… people can choose not to read it. I was kinda looking forward to reading about the build. I am less likely to open and check another forum.

Okay, I see it on the google thing… not so bad, but still… the activity on the forum and the social stuff is the hives selling point in my view.

This thread can live on, but counting and commenting on line items in a BOM might get a little tedious

So I’m trying to make the nitty gritty “opt-in” for hive members, and overarching discussion and updates can be here too. I goofed some permissions, but when I fix them, anyone on this list should be able to view anything on that list even without “signing up”. b

Ah cool… I have yet to build the plastic extruder thingy… but I swear my shop needs one. Or four!