Hive13 Covid-19 Response

Hive13 members,

In light of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 pandemic Hive13 leadership is taking action to help protect its members and ensure we are doing our part to prevent the spread of the disease.

Effective immediately Hive13 Tuesday evening public meetings will cancelled and conducted online only. A separate email will be sent out shortly before the 7:30 meeting with information on how to join. The Thursday evening move meetings will also not take place in person but rather be conducted online. Finally, all scheduled Hive13 meetup events are cancelled. These changes/cancellations will be in effect until the virus situation is under control.

Members are currently free to continue to use the space with the understanding that, as always, they assume the risks of being there including contracting the COVID-19 virus from others. We also wish to remind members of our stance on “Being Excellent To Each Other” which ALWAYS implies staying away from Hive13 when you pose a health risk to others. While at Hive13 please take all recommended precautions including washing hands, cleaning surfaces with wetwipes and covering coughs and sneezes with tissues or your elbow, never your hands.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Hive13 Leadership