Hive13 Broken soda machine needs a volunteer fixer

I looked inside the machine today.

The internals are a mess with exposed AC leads and undocumented haywire stuff. There is the sign of an arc burn spot between the relay board and ground. Ouch.

  • The AC relay tested good. It energises and makes connections. Though it is currently constantly energised.

  • The Flashing Red light spade lug connection that was cut out is replaced but left disconnected.

  • The six relay board that detects selection and closes the 37vac to the dispense motor still appears to work. It lights on button press and opens/closes the contacts.

  • The controller appears to connect with intweb.
    It just doesn’t dispense.
    Can you help?

We need a volunteer arduino knowledgeable person to volunteer to diagnose and fix the Soft Drink Dispenser.

I can help with this instead of the laser :stuck_out_tongue:

Replying to add a couple notes:

  1. Nancy and I cut the red light cable last nigh - that’ why you saw two temp connectors on it
  2. The standalone relay (next to the PCB with multiple relays) had a wire that had fallen out - both the relay side and the expose wire were powered… but i didn’t have time to check the source (felt like DC based on the zap)
  3. The board in their DOES NOT appear to be the same board located on github… unless it was an earlier breadboard version…

I’m willing to take poke at it if I can do it tomorrow morning. I make no promises that I’ll succeed but I’ve got some background in coin-op hardware and arduinos. (not necessarily at the same time.)

Where do I get the keys?

Ralph, Any chance you will be around to bring me up to speed with what’s been done?

I’ll be in Hive13 around 10 am. Saturday

I’ll see you then!

Soda machine status as of 2 pm (when I left)

Reconnected vend circuit.
Re-seated all connectors on MCU and stack of hats. Things improved…
LEDs now scan as usual and machine will accept money and vend.
but, only for a minute and then all lights light up. No vend is possible while in this state.
After a minute, all lights blink, there a few beeps, and then the lights start scanning again. (and vending.)

Network was down due to maintenance. So, I was unable to test RFID.
Talking to Drew, we think the MCU is blocking while trying to talk to intweb and this is causing the “all lights on” condition.

So, when network has been restored, we need to test it out and see if all is well.
I’m hoping this gets us up and running, but the job isn’t done.

  • I want to dig into the source code and see if I can improve the failure behavior.
  • Someone needs to clean up this wiring. The physical build here is terrible. Circuit boards need to be mounted where they can’t short to the chassis.

Once everything was back up the beeping stopped and I was able to buy a few sodas with my badge. I think we’re in good shape!

I’m happy to dig into it Tuesday. I might be able to get down there before the meeting and we can start some labeling and proper termination.
How exciting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: