Hive13 Banner Design

We can get a banner printed by Next Day Signs (the people who gave us that large format printer) and I wanted to know if anyone had any time to crank out the design. We would need it ASAP but it can be basic. I’m thinking just the Hive13 logo (probably the 3d one like we did with the stickers) and Just the words Hive13 Hackerspace (and maybe the address or something)

It needs to be a vector file (I think they prefer eps or pdf) with all the fonts traced out. The size is 30" x 72".

I would like to get them the graphic as soon as possible so we can have a sign ready for the Cory Doctorow event.


I am working on a design that will include the qr code, our address, phone number and a few other things that describe us. Is there an svg file of the 3D logo, if so I cannot find it on the hive art portion of the wiki, and on a banner that large, it pretty much has to be a vector file to scale that large (the current png file online is not cutting it). I also think it could look nice with the grey scale simple logo as well (that one does have an SVG file on the wiki.

A PDF file is attached. Here is the idea I have so far. I am not really sure how to incorporate the the 3D logo into something that looks like it was meant to be together. With the simple logo I think it adds emphasis, as well as makes for a clean and crisp look, and makes it seem like it belongs in the design.

(I know that the top is not aligned correctly.) I still have some tweaks left to do, but what do you guys think? Do you like it? Anything else that should be added, or any design ideas?


Elly :slight_smile:

HiveBanner.pdf (52.8 KB)

You are right, the 3d one isn’t in an svg because it came out of blender. It would need to be converted to one. I like the banner you did with the grayscale one as well. If there are no objections I’ll submit that later today. I’ll wait for your “final” if you want to change anything else.


I like it a lot! I like the asymmetry of the honeycomb cells, too.

Looks nice.

Looks awesome!

Only suggestion I would have is to put our URL on there in plaintext ( not just QR ). Other than that, it’s great!



Let me know when you have the final design so I can send it to them.

Thanks again!


Added the website :slight_smile: Fixed the top alignment and changed some other small things. I am sending it in PDF form (specified as one of the files they prefer) just let me know if everything is ok. WOO! Let me know of any last minute changes or anything else if anyone sees something that isn’t right or that you would like changed.

HiveBanner.pdf (24.2 KB)

Attached the final final ultra finished last version. Sorry my life is crazy and when it comes to artsy things I care about details. I fixed the logo adding the grey to the 13 hexes. I also centered the telephone number.

THIS is the final copy! If you sent the other one already that is totally fine. But if you haven’t I would use this one attached right here; in this one our logo is corrected (which flows to the grey hexes) and the alignment is better.

Can’t wait to see it when it is printed! :slight_smile:


HiveBanner.pdf (24.2 KB)

I had not sent it in yet. I was waiting to be sure you were happy. I’ll send it now. Looks great!