[Hive13] ATTENTION Scavenger Opportunity


Ok, Just got a call from our landlords. There is a new tenant moving into the warehouse by the small parking lot. Currently that space is used for overflow for an arcade company called ACS (Not the same as PlayerTwo’s space!!) They are bringing a dumpster tonight and by Wednesday morning the dumpster must be gone. They said they are considering “junking” most of the equipment and would no doubt be willing to “donate” some if we come and get it.

I have not spoken with them directly yet so I don’t know what items they are trying to keep or how crappy the items are that they can’t move. If anybody is available today or for tomorrows meeting we should definately hit the dumpster and knock on their door to see if we can manage to grab some decent stuff.

I don’t know what time they will be there moving stuff. If anybody can go and directly negotiate with them that will be best. And by “negotiate” I mean to try and get them to keep less stuff (don’t pay for anything) I will try to stop by tonight but it won’t be until at least 7. If anybody can catch this group maybe have them leave the “good” equipment inside for later and we can have the landlords let us in when we have a moving crew.

That is all.

Happy pillaging.


I will be at the space at some point tonight, I need to stop by UC to drop off some paper work first though.

  • Paul

Just got word that the dumpster is not going to happen. So we’ll have to try and catch them while they are moving. I don’t have times of when they will be there :confused:

Ok, so they are not coming tonight but will be back at the space with 4 guys tomorrow at 8am. Dunno if anybody can make it there. They have to be out by tomorrow night…