Hive13 Annual Open House!

Hey everyone,

Even though we didn’t have our annual open house last year, we will be hosting it again this year! We are fixing the hive up right now so it should be extra nice and clean for this event! Some of the things that will be going on during the day will be soldering classes (with a special surface mount demonstration as well), resin casting, 3d printing, laser cutting, and lock picking. You can also come down and check out some of the cool projects that our members have done and just check out the space and see what we have to offer.

The event will run at our space (2929 Spring Grove Ave.) from approximately 1pm to 5pm, July 21st (we will have a more exact itinerary of events in a few days) and will be kid and family friendly (it isn’t the best place for very young kids, probably best if they are over 8. There are lots of sharp objects laying about and dangerous tools). The event is free of charge and we will have some snacks and drinks for everyone!

If you’ve been wanting to come check out the space this is a great event to look around and chat with other people. There will be lots of events going on and hopefully lots of people so clear your calendar and invite your family!

It would be awesome if there was a blog post or wiki page we could
link to to share this with the masses.


Are you not able to post to the blog, Dave?

Yes, I can post to the blog. But what should I post? The only
concrete details I have about the event are what are in Jon's email
here including some details that appear to be tentative. I'd
appreciate it if one of the people ostensibly organizing the event
would write the post. I don't think that's too much to ask.


I’m sure the people “ostensibly organizing the event” have thought about writing a blog post or wiki entry. But, I’m guessing their waiting to finish the poster so there’s an accompanying graphic. However, since you posted it to the list it sounded like you wanted to do it. Do-ocracy and all that, right?

It’s Friday, let’s all start it enjoyably.

Edit as you see fit.


Awesome, thank you chris! I was going to send out a blog post by next meeting once some of the details were a little bit more nailed down, but that also works.


I’ve requested off work to come bring the electric bike down… If I don’t get off I’ll bring it down earlier in the week… Just need a ride.

Rick, I can grab you + the bike. I don’t have tie downs for the truck though so we’d have to acquire some.

I can ride it down no problem, I just need a ride back home once I get it down there, oh, and we need some kind of a ramp to get it into the space.