[Hive13] And the Nominees Are...

Next week we will have an official silent vote on Tues at the Hive during the next meeting. We will only vote on positions that have more than one person applying. Current applicants are:

President: Jason Bailey
Secretary: Dave Menninger
Treasurer: Craig Smith
COO: Eric Coons (Zapgun)
CTO: Mike O’Keefe (Vendy), Matt Sprinsky (Starbuck)

As of right now only the CTO position will be voted on. There is still time to apply for one of these positions. http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php?title=Bylaws#Offices


Folks I’ve been doing some thinking and I’m going to withdraw my candidacy for COO. I just do not have the time right now to do the position justice. I’m not going to be around next week anyway since I’m going on a vacation that has been in the planning for 6 months or more.

Erik Coons (zapgun)

Didn’t we discuss having multiple treasurers or at least some other way to keep an eye on the vast sums of money our not-for-profit makes? Has there been any additional discussion of that? Is it assumed that one of the other elected posts would have that responsibility?

I just thought that we had discussed something like this? Anyone recall?


Yeah we did discuss that then a few meetings later ah-hem it was clarified :slight_smile: Basically these are for votes for a person who will represent that group. So the CTO would not make decisions but instead take all the techs and the needs of the group and help herd and manage those ideas. Just because there is a CFO does not mean there will not be additional people with access, etc. These positions will be more for tie breakers than making decisions.

But since zapgun removed his candidacy :frowning: We need somebody to apply for COO. Currently we have none and there is a big need for one. We need somebody to help manage the space and arrange and organize the scavengers. Volunteers?


I'll step up for COO.