Hive13 2018 Election Results

Hello Hivers,

The votes are in! But, before we get to the results, a few fun facts.
This year we broke two Hive13 records: First, we reached Quorum around
midday Friday which, at less than two days, is faster any previous
election. Second, with 57 out of our 77 members voting (~74%), this is
the highest participation in an election we have had for as long as I
have been here. Thanks to everyone who participated!

And now, the results:


President: Brad Walsh

Secretary: Ryan Hershey

Treasurer: Jim Dallam

CTO: Ian Blais

COO: Greg Arnold

Board of Directors:

- Will Bauer

- Dave Velzy

- Jim Dallam

- Nancy Graven

- Ryan Hershey

Bylaws Changes:

Spelling/Grammar corrections: Passed

Suspension of Membership: Passed

Termination of Membership: Passed

Warden Compensation: Passed

Warden Organization: Passed

Thanks everyone,

Ian Blais, CTO (Still...)

Just curious, what were the numbers on the votes? Thx

Sure, here are the detailed vote counts:

President: (Brad:52, Abstain:5)
Secretary: (Ryan:51, Abstain:6)
Treasurer: (Jim:52, Abstain:5)
CTO: (Ian:53, Abstain:4)
COO: (Greg:46, Abstain:11)
Board: (Nancy:35, Ryan:33, Jim:29, Dave:22, Will:18, Kevin:17, Daniel:17)
Spelling/Grammer: (Yes:46, No:1, Abstain:10)
Suspension: (Yes:38, No:8, Abstain:11)
Termination: (Yes:37, No:8, Abstain:12)
Warden Compensation: (Yes:25, No:17, Abstain:15)
Warden Organization: (Yes:35, No:11, Abstain:11)

  • Ian B.

That was a really close vote for the Board, the 5th position won by 1 vote. Is there anyway to show records or documents on that so we can verify them numbers?


Here is the exported spreadsheet of anonymized survey results which I summarized below. Note that under the Board section the relevant number is Sum, not Count. This is because the survey system does not natively support our weird “3 votes per member” setup so it doesn’t organize the results as nicely as other questions.

  • Ian B.

statistic-survey677497.xls (31 KB)

Ian thanks for sending this!