Hive13 2016 Election Results

The votes are in, here are your new Officers and Board Members:

President: Elly Hall
Treasurer: Jim Dallam
Chief Information Officer: Ian Blais
Chief Operational Officer: Greg Arnold
Secretary: Ryan Hershey

Board of Directors:
Lorin Parker
Tiffany Horwath
Jim Dallam
Brad Walsh
Dustin Bruce

Let their reign of terror begin!

p.s. We have not yet reached quorum on the bylaws amendment. Continue voting here:

  • Ian B.

Congrats to everyone who got elected! Being a member of leadership can be very trying, but also very gratifying.

Good luck!

Agreed. Congrats. And good luck! I’m not a member but have met or saw many of you at Maker Faires.


The Bylaws Amendment Proposal poll has now closed. The proposal has been defeated 19 “no” votes to 17 “yes”.

  • Ian B.