Hive Ventilation

I have some laser-cut wood boxes that I would like to finish with Watco Danish Oil. Can I do that down at the hive and leave them there overnight? Is the ventilation adequate enough?

Provided you apply your finish in the metals room with the exhaust fan running, yes. The fan is mounted at the top of the window in the far corner in the room, and activated by a switch at the wall outlet behind the sandblaster cabinet. Simply follow the cable down from the fan to the wall outlet if you’re having trouble finding the switch. It’s perfectly fine (and strongly encouraged) to leave the fan running if your finish is drying overnight.

There is a large drop cloth on one of the shelves in the metals room. Please use it to protect the floor and machinery from any drips or overspray. It’s also good form to leave a note by your project indicating both when it is safe to move, and when you will return to collect it.

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I would also recommend a VOC respirator if you are going to be working in there for a long time, and/or if you are going to be working on other projects like this in the future. There are some really nice and inexpensive ones, that have interchangeable and replaceable filters for different applications.

I love the one that I have!

Elly which respirator do you have. My MSA doesn’t fit the new MSA cartridges, so I need to get a new one… Recommendation?

It depends on how often you will use it. I use mine several times a week for hours at a time. I have a 3M 7500 series mask. It is really nice quality, amazingly comfortable, easy to breathe in and comes in 3 sizes to fit just right.

Another is the 3M 6000 series; they are cheaper and less comfortable/lower quality.

Both masks have the same universal connector to interchange filters. There are sooooo many filters available for many different applications. There are charts/websites dedicated to picking the right filter for a specific purpose. So you can do a quick search and check out the specs on different filters. Some can handle more intense/dangerous chemicals, some have an odor barrier so you won’t smell the solvents, etc. so it’s always best to look up the specs on a filter if you aren’t sure.

I have two filters. The 2091 filters are my everyday one, because it is a particulate filter (for sanding or cutting) has a VOC filter built in (you can even use it when welding). I also have 6001 filters, which are pretty much only for VOCs.

You can find them available on amazon.

The koi refinishing centers, there are a few all around the area, usually have a great selection of masks and cartridge systems. Your problem is going to be the amazing stash lol you might have to try a few on to get a good seal and not feel like your face is wrapped in plastic wrap.

Some of the grainger locations have a really good selection and you should get a uc discount, I forgot all them had a derp moment about where my last cartridges came from

Thanks for all the great tips! I had not used a real respirator before but after today I may be a true believer - those things are pretty useful.

My project was small and I applied the finish at lunch today and picked it up on my way home from work. Left the fan running in case there was any residual odor.