Hive today

Anyone that’s played with the Tig welder going to be at the hive today? I’d like to play with it and bit and have some time today to do so!

I am going to try and make it down however my sinuses and a migrane have been insane. I will shoot a message if it clears up… the warmer weather is nice but comes at a price for me.

Tiff -

I’ll be there working on the Shapeoko a little later today. Maybe around 13:00.

We don’t have any aluminum filler rod on hand, but Kevin has loaned everything else we need.

  • Ry

I’ve got some ss filler

Though I should probably clarify - I will start with some mild steel today just to refresh myself then depending on how long it takes me to feel comfortable, either move onto the ss or do something another day. Thx!

We do have stainless rod. Kevin grabbed it thinking it was aluminum. I thought the same thing, and got a little surprise when dipping it into an aluminum puddle a couple weeks ago. :smiley:

  • Ry

Yeah, I may have to pick up some thinner filler for mild steel - these are pretty thick

Lol I still have not found my box of aluminium filler rod at the rink or bowling alley. I picked up a part to repair from there yesterday and only had aluminum spool gun wire in the tote lol. My memory us going way to early.

:slight_smile: i enjoyed putzing with it for sure! :slight_smile: looking forward to getting in some more practice :slight_smile: