Hive lighting and CNC

I spent some time at the Hive this afternoon. There is a minor leak in the bathroom by the glass block window, I put a bucket under it. The annex did not seem to be taking on any water.

I helped John get ready for the CNC class and we fought with the overhead lights.
The fixture over the CNC is not working and we could not find any replacement bulbs. They are the long single connector ones. There were a few on top of the lounge but they were all defective/bad.

I would like to propose we shift over to LED lights. I’ll do some digging around but I think you can get a shop light type fixture for around $50. I’ve also seen drop in replacement ones that you remove the ballast and just directly connect the end connectors to the mains.

John and I also fought with the CNC itself. There was some very weird behavior involving the pull e-stop switches. It was almost like they were wired up backwards. The only way we could deactivate the reset was to have the pull cord switches pulled. (Which is the exact opposite of what it should be). There was also some difficulty in reseting the pull switches.
Then the X home position sensor decided to remain tripped (orange) all the time. We had to do a full shutdown and restart, unplug the sensor and generally futz around with things until it started to act correctly. After many minutes we were able to get things working.
I’m most concerned withe the e-stop pull switches as those could be a safety concern.

Could we schedule some time to go over the general wiring of the CNC and perhaps test the switches and label the wiring so troubleshooting is easier?


Found a few options.

These are $36: HyperSelect Utility LED Shop Light, 4FT Integrated LED Fixture Garage Light, DLC 4.2 Premium Qualified, 35W (100W Eq.), 3800 Lumens, 4000K (Daylight White Glow), Clear Cover, Corded-electric

These are $43: Linkable LED Utility Shop Light FrenchMay 4ft 4800 Lumens Super Bright 40W 5000K Daylight Ideal for Garage ETL Certified Durable LED Fixture with Pull Chain Mounting and Daisy Chain Hardware Included

The $43 ones seem to be brighter and better made. Perhaps we could get the $43 set and test them out.

I didn’t buy the fixtures but converted the existing ballast type to be direct plug ins in my garage. Purchased the tubes from here a while back,T8,30,3871: . They have quite a lot in terms of led offerings.

Looks interesting.
The long fixtures are the one pin type though.