Hive Holiday Happening

Yesterday, I brought up the possibility of a holiday party / holiday open house at the Hive. I think this would be a great opportunity to bring together members (old and new), potential members, community-at-large, spouses, partners, kids, and alien life forms. A Tuesday was suggested as the day, but I honestly think we’d be better served by having it on a Friday or Saturday – especially if alcoholic beverages are to be involved.

Possible ideas / volunteer jobs?

  • Laser cut snowflakes with blink-y LEDs (laser cutting and soldering things are covered)
  • Something needs to be controlled by an arduino
  • Makerbot needs to be making something
  • Food (pot luck?)
  • Alcohol (BYOB?)
  • Music - (Nebula!)
  • Gifts to the Hive!

I’m willing to do anything!

Christmas this year is on a Sunday, which puts New Years Eve on the following Saturday. We had discussed hosting our party on some day between these two events, but if we are targeting for a Friday // Saturday that only really leaves Friday, December 30th.

Personally this day would work for me, I have plans for New Years Eve already (Saturday, Dec. 31) and I am willing to bet Christmas weekend is going to be worse for most people.

I know a few other folks mentioned they were interested in person / on IRC. Anyone else? Otherwise, we can table it for this year and maybe work to do something next year.

It's a good thought, but Tuesdays are my HIVE night.


People (I don't know how many) will be hanging out @ the Hive tonight
for various amounts of time! If you want to stop by and hang out/game/
talk/party there will be people there. I plan on getting there
sometime between 7.30 and 8! Hope to see some people!