Hive Game Night Sept 30th

Folks, I’m setting up a game night on Friday September 30th, starting at 7PM down at the Hive.

I’m planning on bringing a game I’m working on that is a board game version of Mario Kart, I’ll also bring Ultimate Werewolf, a deception based party game, and a few others.

Feel free to bring any other games you might want to play as well when you come down.

Will B

Count me in.

Tim W.

Great idea, I’ve got a whole bookcase of board games I haven’t played in a while.

Just a reminder that this is tomorrow! I’m super excited!

Depending on how many “reject” cookies I have left from that cookie order I’m working on, I might bring some sugar cookies to share!

I'm probably going to want to pick up a couple of 2-liters of pop for everyone, any input on how much I should get and what types?

(Also, do we need cups as well?)