Hive Electric Vehicle Owners?

I am about to buy a Nissan Leaf, and I was wondering if any other hive members had an electric vehicle.

If so, would there be any interest in splitting the cost of a Level 2 charger for charging while parked at the hive? The charger, breaker, wire, etc. would be on the order of $600. Obviously wouldn’t be asking for it to come out of Hive funds, but if there are 2-3 members with electric vehicles who might use it, I’d be willing to split the cost between us.




I don’t have an e-vehicle, although I did almost get killed by Elon Musk showing off in his Tesla Roadster in a silicon valley parking lot in 2007. Funny story, actually, as I didn’t know who he was, and went marching after him to chew him out for being a reckless asshole. Once I reached the roadster, and requisite group of car geeks drooling, I started to utter my monologue of wrathful ranting. More people wandered over to gawk and fawn at the nerdy yet made-masculine-in-roadster Musk, my ranting was drowned out by the growing crowd. I doubt he heard me giving him a piece of my mind. Damn millionaire celebrities…

Maybe this would be a good idea from a larger community perspective (and fund-able with grant money).

So, for folks like me, who have not paid attention to the EV particulars since near death experience with hooligan CEO, can you tell explain what a Level 2 charger is, how it would work, etc?


Level 2 chargers are 30A @ 240V. That means #10 wire, which when you factor in conduit, will run somewhere around $2.50/ft, because we’ll be going outdoors and need water-tight fittings. The charger would be on the back dock - putting something like that out front isn’t feasible - so you’re looking at around 100’ of wire, bare minimum, so that’s probably $350-$400 for conduit, wire, boxes, fittings, and a breaker.

and maybe special permission to park there… since they don’t normally want us parking in that area behind the building…

Don’t a lot of E vehicle people register their charging spots so others can use them when they aren’t there? it would be interesting to find out if any of the people in the print shop or sign shop (north end of the building) are interested in or driving E cars.

The charger would be a bonus for them, too.

Level 2 is actually any 210-240v AC charger over 20Amps. The one I just installed at home is rated 40amp (9.6kW), and installed on a NEMA 6-50 outlet and 50amp breaker with #6 wire. That said, the Nissan Leaf I am getting only has a 6.6kW charger built in, so I oversized my personal charging capacity (may eventually get something that has a 9.6kW charger down the road).

Many EV drivers do use one of several charger location apps, and they do list the option to make personal chargers available. That said, it's not mandatory or even common.

Definitely seems like it could be a nice resource for other tenants if anyone has or is considering an EV.

Greg, is there a specific reason you say out front wouldn't be practical? Several companies make wall mounted water/weather/tamper proof charging stations, and the cords and j1772 plug used are rated for high levels of abuse (10ft drops and repeated vehicle run-overs).

Someone sent me a direct message about energy costs and running it by the building owners. I did the math on my energy costs for home, and the cost of the energy for my commute everyday for a full year if I only charged at home is under $250. I imagine the intermittent use a charger at the hive would see would be negligible compared to the energy usage in the rest of an un-insulated industrial building like the one the hive is in.

Again, this was only something I was considering if there were multiple people when would be ready and excited for it to be at the hive. It's not something that I or we need, just thought it could be a neat feature.

Also, Lorin, by almost all reports Elon Musk is a self centered a**hole, I'm not too surprised.


I made a diagram based on my own anecdotal findings:


I still wouldn’t mind driving a Tesla, though.

Diagram unclear, Billionaire stuck in A**hole.

If it needs a 50A service, add about another $50-100 for the heftier wire and bigger conduit - figure #6 aluminum.

The front issue is it’d have to be mounted to the building, which means the wire would have to be draped across the sidewalk when it’s charging, and that’s a no-go.

Diagram unclear, Billionaire stuck in A**hole.

Further proof a vast conspiracy to constipate the socio-economic landscape of American capitalism.

Greg, the #6 copper I used was $2.19/ft. which would need 3/4" conduit unless I’m mistaken. That said, wouldn’t need to get one as big at the hive. there are 16 amp chargers that are normally installed on 30 amp breakers and 32 amp chargers that are normally installed on 40 amp breakers. both those options would be cheaper and easier.

if having the cable cross the sidewalk would really be an issue, what about a space in the lot at the end of the building? I imagine that also would need buy-in from the rest of the building tenants, but don’t we already have access to park in that lot?