Hive Education and Classes

Hi All,
One of my reasons for running for a board member this election was to try and increase the frequency and variety of classes that are being held at the Hive. As such, I’m soliciting ideas for classes and volunteers for teachers; please let me know what you come up with.

Here are a few off the top of my head that have been mentioned (or run) before:
3d design for 3d printing
Basics of sketchup
Understanding 3d printing filament nuances
Using the gigabot/ultimaker/etc.
Using the laser cutter
Using the laser cutter attachments (how to engrave your own mug!)
How to desolder
Different types of soldering
CNC model design/toolpath generation/etc
Using an oscilloscope - or related things
How to use a tap and die set
Using a drill press
Using a table saw
Woodworking finishing (using the different Sanders we have)
Using the router
How to get CNC up and running. And how to cnc a small item.
Using the metal band saw
Using the MIG welder
Using the plasma cutter
Using the metal lathe
Using pneumatic tools
Casting a small item

My idea being that if we can develop a curriculum and class for each major tool, we can integrate tool certification to RFID badges. This can help to ensure the knowledge of the tools gets retained even as the membership grows. This will also hopefully help to ensure that members using the tools will do so safely.

Please let me know with other classes you’d like to see! Some of these are already being offered, of course (still added them to the list though)! And provide me with feedback - do these classes seem like they would be interesting?

Bravo! I’ll teach soldering and electronics related classes.

I’ll be happy to teach the machining classes (drill press, tapping, metal band saw, lathe, mill).
I like the idea of small, short classes focused on safety and correct usage. Not as much on expertise.

Interested in the “Ho” class depending on who is teaching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been planning for some time to do a Wiki class. I just need to find the time to work on it. Probably somewhere around the year 2043 or so. :slight_smile:

  • Ian B.

I’m likely going to be doing a Tuesday talk on 3D design in the near future, and I can probably do some 3D design/3D printing classes as well.

Brad I imagine the Ho is short for Horwath.

–Mike Horwath

If I can get oriented to the Hive CNC machine, I would be willing to do a class on our basic software and hardware.
This would show how to use our Vectric software to run the CNC, and how to set up the CNC router for the toolpaths thus created.
Another class could show how to process a pre-made 3D (STL) model through VCarve. (It would not involve how to make a watertight STL.)


On Sat. the 24th I’m doing a Fusion360 class. Fusion is getting pretty good now, is totally free. I use it for 3D printing and for CAM for the CNC machines. The class would be a sort of intro to pro CAD workflows, as well as making a simple design for 3D printing and simple design for CAM.

It’s not as stable as inventor, HSM, etc (which I have), but I use it a lot because it’s simplified, has a much more intuitive workflow, and is better for making “things” rather than complex parts and assemblies or highly parametric stuff.

All that aside, the course will be VERY BEGINNER FRIENDLY, and not assume that you know or have done 3D CAD ever.

We’ll both print something (3D print) and cut something (CNC) modeled in this class.

Been itching to do an electronics 101 series. It’ll have to wait for a bit. However, I think a multi-part class is needed in this area. I’ve taught electronics courses for years and they can actually be fun, but hard to get the basics in 1 class. There’s a lot more to it than soldering and how to use a scope…

Tiffany, I thought that we could try to tie this, or another series in with UC Communiversity. They’re nice folks, and completely separate from the colleges (it’s aimed at adults wanting to learn how to garden, work on their car, make baskets, etc). It might bring some interest from the community.


I really enjoyed the Make: Electronics book.
It had some great theory and labs to get your mind wrapped around the concept.
Perhaps that could be used as a foundation for the classes.

Brad, Lorin doesn’t do Make. Lorin doesn’t endorse Make.

It was just a thought.
I’ll be sure not to mention it again. :grinning:

Nothing against the content. Just some bad personal experiences working with them years ago.

I’d like to do some mini-classes on 3D printing topics such as common print problems, creating good support structures, fixing non-manifold geometry, etc. Maybe bring back the fab-lab mondays of yore.