Hive Clean-up Monday @ 4pm

Hi all,

In preparation for Provost Davenport’s tour I want to lead a clean-up and minor re-organization effort.

Some topical re-organization and cleaning is planned for Monday starting at 4pm. Lorin and I are gonna head this up. The main thing I want to hit is our shared working surfaces—meeting tables, kitchen bar, electronics work desk—as they are uninviting and unworkable right now. If you have monitors/speakers/printers or networking equipment on the common-surfaces please remove your stuff or at least tidy it up, and leave a note with your name and contact info so we know it’s actively being cared for.

If any of the stuff in the photo with the yellow chairs is your please relocate or remove it accordingly, including the bicycle.

We won’t be throwing stuff away, only relocating and consolidating some of the piles that have accumulated around the space.

Any and all help is appreciated!

Monday 4-7ish, deeper clean
Tuesday 5:30 pre-meeting tidy up
Tuesday 6:30 pre-meeting tour

There may be beer.





This shouldn’t be hard. We can make this place look presentable simply by clearing work surfaces.

If anyone wants food or soda or coffee or whatever let me know. I’ll take care of that end.

The most impressive thing, though will be our members. The investors are interested in your projects and your work foremost.

Also, Dave (polar printer Dave), I really suggest that you come and print some demos for them! An admin in charge of purchasing products like yours will be there. So there’s something in it for you… Also watching the polar print is just plain awesome.

More later, but I am swamped with rehearsals for this huge show I am premiering on Sunday. Have to do that foremost.


“The investors are interested in your projects and your work foremost”

What’s this about?

Sorry. Investors is a really stupid word. Visitors with resources and connections. It’s hard for me to switch from grant-speak and Ed-speak to English sometimes.

The UC provost (head of academic affairs) and a few other folks are visiting the 29th. I’m just a teacher and not an administrator, so I have no clue “what this means” exactly. Heck, even my UC department makes no sense to me most of the time. However, the provost, and the charitable community development folks are nice people, so why not? They also have greater resources than we have, and are part of the greater community of Cincinnati.

I think this is positive. I am “cautiously optimistic” that this will lead to something beneficial for the hive.


I’ll stop being so damned lazy and ride my bike home. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely be there on Monday to help clean up. I’ll also try to hit up the fab lab and lounge to get large items to where they need to be.

Lorin - I think you meant Bill, not Dave?

Thanks for spearheading this!!

Yes, I’ll be there.


Just an FYI, the monday cleanup is happening right now. So stop on down and clean something up! Even if it’s just cleaning up your personal project, every little bit helps. Or if you don’t want to be frustrated because everything was shifted around, then come help shift that stuff around so at least you’ll know where it went!

Sorry I’m not there guys. I got caught doing last minute administrative work (aka answering long chains of emails - aargh). Hope it’s going well. I will come by and chip in in the morning before work.


After many hours of work we’ve made big progress!

We’ve cleaned and cleared the tables and work benches, moving forward let’s keep them this way, we need the space to be inviting to current and prospective members to be able to come in, work and engage with everyone.

If members want designated workspaces for mobile computing, let’s address that and create space for it.

You’ll also see the tables moved a bit, the thought being provide more space for standing guest to penetrate in and around our central tables.

If you had stuff on tables or workspaces please check the new boxes on the second tier electronics racks. We reorganized up there and made a bit of space.

***If you’ve had stuff in rack storage on the 2nd or 3rd tier and it didn’t have a name tag, please check purgatory this coming month.



Elly has also taken on a wall painting project over the graffiti in the dirty room, please excuse our mess! It looks better already, even though it is incomplete!

Please help me in thanking Elly & Jon, Will, Nancy and Dustin for their help today!

Oh! One more thing, will and I pulled down some various flat pack cardboard boxes. The stacks are vertical on the floor at the end of the first pallet rack. Please use the white boxes for storage as needed (please date & label) while the other brown cardboard is up for grabs or laser fodder as needed!

Looks awesome!