Hive Board Member Elections

For those of you that may not know all of the candidates that are running for board positions and looking for a bit of information before casting your vote, I will give you who I think are standout candidates and why.

I can say I firmly endorse the following people:

Jeff Burdick - New to HIVE13 from HackRVA where he was very active. He would bring knowledge of alternate approaches so we could make decisions based on shared experiences from 2 similar organizations.

Chris Hodapp - A long term member that has always seemed helpful and involved with the membership. He always seems to be able to clearly explain his reasons for every answer he has given to questions.

Dave Lear - I think Dave and I have agreed on 3 or 4 things in my entire time at the Hive. That is a good thing. He will have no concerns about speaking up when he feels something is a poor choice, but it will always be in clear and calm way that encourages discussion. He will be great at keeping the board grounded and thinking things through.

Scott Hively - Another new member that always seems involved and willing to help people when he can. Keeping new blood moving through leadership is very important. He has worked in education before and that brings in another wealth of perspective to draw from.

Those 4 people are not otherwise involved in any other formal capacity at the hive and bring greater voice of the members to the leadership.

Nancy Graf - As a warden you know she has a vested interest in the overall benefit of the Hive and as a current board member would be valuable in providing how the previous board viewed situations as well as how and why they came to those views.

Dace Schwinn - Another warden, so much of what applies for Nancy applies for him. He came in and pretty much threw himself fully into the culture and seems to enjoy getting others making things as much as he does his own stuff.

So those are my thoughts on 6 people to spend 3 votes on. If you were unsure I hope that was useful.

I also feel that Kevin McLeod would be a great board member, but I don't want him doing anything other than building tables. Forever. Just tables all the way down. I trust we all agree on that. There is no Dana, only Tables.