HIVE bee box - need help for next steps (electronical bits)

The Bee Box is proceeding apace!

The body is done.
The mobile HIVE 13 logo frame is welded.

Next steps are

1.) make the logo
a.) laser cut a lexan® hex and engrave a “V”
b.) 3D print a hex with an “H”
c.) CNC mill the 2 double hexes I/1 & E/3

2.) design, spec, purchase and assemble the electronics
I’m looking for feedback on
a.) moving the logos (mounted on rods,see the WIKI pix) - stepper motor? (only 1 to move all four rods?)
b.) a sensor ( waggling IR would look cool) to start some activity when someone approaches (maybe start some text scrolling on the LEDs)
c.) an LED display that can scroll text “Bee a Maker, not a drone!” (or something equally pithy :wink: )
d.) a tiny wheeled robot (actually I’d like a micro drone, but I doubt that would last even one presentation!), controlled from the box by the visitors


John and I will focus on the the electronics side of this project next week at Microcontroller Monday. (August 18)

If anyone is interested in contributing either ideas or assembly skill, please feel encouraged to attend.