Hive 13 Survey: What is your favorite soda in the pop machine?

I had made a link in Ivan’s message, but I realized that my message might get buried, so I made a new post so more people will see it. Thought it would be fun and interesting to see what type of soda people like to drink at the hive, and maybe bring in new flavors to try into our soda machine. So follow the link below to my little survey and tell me what you think! You can check the results once you’ve taken the survey.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions? Constructive Criticism?
Got an idea for a question to add to the poll? Let me know!

Red bull would rock

I'm not terribly familiar with the inner workings of the vending machine but I suspect that non-standard can shapes may be an issue. That being said, I fully support this plan!

- Ian B

The only soda in the vending machine that I drink was left off the list. :stuck_out_tongue: Diet Mountain Dew and it currently has it’s own slot in the machine, too. hahaha

I also drink Diet Mt dew

I haven’t had a chance to look at this survey yet, but didn’t we go through this exercise of polling for drink favorites just a few months ago.

Sometimes my time sense is skewed and “a few months ago” might be 2 or 12. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I totally missed Diet Moutain Dew. It’s on the list now.

And yes, ideally suggest soda can’s that are the same dimensions as regular pop cans. I don’t know if red bulls or plastic bottles would work properly in the vending machine.

Your time-sense seems to be correctly calibrated, the previous very similar survey was in mid-august.

I believe Ale-81 was the winner of that survey…

Nevermind, I think august was the electronics vending machine survey, with the soda vending machine survey being about a year ago!

sorry for useless emails…