Hive 13 Singularity Show

This evening, Thursday Feb. 25th, between 10PM and Midnight EST,
listen to "On the Way to the Peak of Normal" to prepare for the
Singularity with special guests from the Hive 13 Cincinnati's premier
hackerspace. Members from the community they are building will be
joining me to talk about their space, philosophy, ongoing projects,
hacking in general, and whatever else catches the collective fancy of
the aggregated hive mind.
The show will be broadcast live on WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati, and
around the world live on the internet here. (If the stream isn't
working check back at for an mp3 file of the show
by Friday evening.)
Furthermore, this show will be the first in a three part series
exploring the world of Hacking. The following two will be heavily
collaged live on air mixes about 2) the History of Phreaking and 3)
the intersection between Hacker culture, Intellectual Property &
Copyright Law, Illegal Art and Privacy in the Digital Age. Expect
these latter two shoes this coming spring and summer respectively.
Material for them is being culled from recorded talks at hacker
conferences, online archives, other radio shows, and will also feature
our own electronic & circuit-bent instruments.

From their website:

Hive 13 was formed to provide a Hackerspace for the Cincinnati area,
and we encompass many interests - computing, mechanics, artistry,
chemistry, brewing, complex biochemistry, among many others. Our
intention is to provide an open framework for hackers of all stripes
to exchange ideas, skills, and information, learning from each other
as well as teaching.
Happy Listening,
Justin Patrick

On The Way to the Peak of Normal strives to bring you the best in
Otherworldly, Magickal, & Innovative Musick and Intelligent Guests in
Weekly Blasts of High Voltage Radio-Activity. As Broadcasting
Intelligence Agents Our Collective Mission is to Open up the Gates of
the Mind so that it may receive the 23rd Current.

excellent. love WAIF and this is one of many reasons why.

Joe Brockhaus