Hive 13 brewout!

Hi All!
On July 13th, Michael and I plan to do an all-grain brewout at the hive! We will be doing a 10gallon batch of a brown ale (a clone of the beer moosedrool if anyone has had it). We would like to invite you to join us at the hive to learn a little about brewing. We will be getting started around noon, and it will likely go till around 5 - feel free to stop in at any point - I imagine if there is enough interest we could order in a pizza or something of that nature. We will definitely be bringing some homebrew for people to sample and enjoy! Right now I am thinking that a bourbon barrel aged vanilla been Russian imperial stout and a cream ale will be brought with us. If people so desire I imagine a root beer could be made and available on tap as well. Anyone else who is interested in brewing that day is welcome to do so - please bring your equipment with you!

I’m looking forward to the brewday and hope to see you there!