Hive 13 Apiary - metal work needed

Any Hive trisdekanian (sounds better than “any drone” ; ) ) able to drill, cut and assemble ( I’m guessing “weld”) the metal frame for the Hive skills demonstrator (a.k.a. “Apiary”)?

The box needs a frame as follows:

3/4" square channel 7 1/2" (left and right “stiles”) x 14 1/4" (top “rail”); these are the external measurements for the frame.

The bottom rail of the frame is 3/4" angle iron, with the 2 sides facing up (toward the 3/4" square channel top rail) & forward.

The bottom rail fits in between the two stiles, flush with the front surface and with the bottom of the stiles.

Holes for the 1/8" diameter “moving logo” mounting rods should be located at 1 7/8" from each inner stile surface, and 4 7/8" from same,

for a total of 4 holes in the down-facing surface of the square channel rail, and 4 matching holes in the up-facing surface of the angle iron rail.

If anyone has an idea on how to mount the “moving logo” rods, let me know. I believe some sort of bearings might be useful to keep the rods

upright, centered, and easily mobile as they are rotated about their long axis.



John, I have no idea what you are asking for. I have a bee hive (seven years this time). Bring something to the meeting tonight and I will look at you project.
Dave Lear

John’s apiarary project is not an actual bee hive, but a fun display to advertise Hive13. Check it out on the wiki!

For mounting the rotating rods, you could use bearings held in place by small plates…check out the Ultrabot in the fab lab as an example.


John -

Corner me if you’re at the meeting tonight. I’m welding on the CNC table this week, and it would be no trouble to cut/mill a few additional pieces of steel and zap them together. We’re a bit short on 3/4" angle, but there’s other stock which may work.

Thanks for the offer.
Dave got to talking with me about his experience with hives & apiaries at today’s meet and I think he and I will try to work up something .

John S.

From the Western Spiral Arm