Hiring for Cincinnati Bell (CBTS) - Job Description (Hiring Now!)

Hi all,

Below is the job announcement that I gave at Tuesday's meeting. Please
get in touch with me with your resume and contact info if you are
interested. As always, circulate among your contacts. In addition to the
"experienced" job below, there are some openings for positions related
to Windows and Linux system administration, as well. All of these
positions would be centered around using network-level security
hardware, and would be good experience for anyone looking to gain
further experience in the area of managing secure networks and deployments.

The position described below is a software development position working
on a team of software developers and IT security professionals. The role
would be in the Internal Tools development division, which currently has
about 2-3 full-time workers, so there would be a lot of room for a
candidate to basically decide their own tools, targets, etc...

The current projects involve developing passive network monitoring
software tools whose purpose is to monitor company-wide traffic on
certain sensitive network protocols, scan the data and files that are
distributed through those protocols, and identify potential threats,
with the tools automatically staging the captured data or files and
reporting the incident in an automated fashion to an analysis team for
immediate review. Software and systems must be able to scale to millions
of data transactions per day. All data transactions occur over common
well-known-service protocols, such as SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, etc...
Candidate would be responsible for implementing desired additional
features, running regression and performance tests, and researching
potential new analysis vectors that can increase identification of
network-level attacks while reducing the false-positive rates of the
incident reporting.

Desktop environment would be Windows. However, development environment
is CentOS 5 and Ubuntu 10.04-LTS. All development is typically performed
in Python, Perl, and Bash shell scripting. C and C++ are a plus but not
a requirement. Understanding of Linux system administration is also a
requirement, as the servers are dedicated to this project and are
maintained by the development team (including the candidate).

If you know someone who's interested, please send them to me.
Additionally, if they'd like to sit down with me and chat a bit about
the position, just let me know. I'd be inclined to look into recent &
new college grads, so long as they have programming experience
(examples, for instance) that would exhibit adequate capability for the