High-resolution scanner

Tiffany gave me an old medium-format film camera and some 120 film, and I have been using this a bit. However, I’m aware of only one lab in the area that will process 120-format film, and the cost of having it scanned or printed (in their case, prints are from a scan anyway) after development is making me wince a little, so I am looking at what hardware I could use to simply scan my own.

Some sites mentioned the Epson Perfection V700 and V750. They are flatbed scanners with the normal 8.5x11.7 scan area, but they are dual-lens and can resolve 6400 DPI optically at 48-bit color, which looks like it should be more than sufficient for most film.

My question is, if I looked into purchasing one of these and kept it at the Hive, would anyone else have a use for it, whether for film scanning or higher-than-ordinary-resolution scanning of any other sort? (“Idiot, it’s 2012, are you are still shooting film on a camera from 1950?” also welcomed.)

I would, I have some old Minox negatives that are super tiny and would love a bit of high-res lovin’.

Would this work for old family slides? I have a scanner with a slide and negative scanning attachment but I wasn’t all that happy with the results.

Supposedly, it’s quite good for this.