High Pressure Gas Bottles (Oxygen or Welding Gas)

Does anyone have any high pressure gas bottles (Oxygen or Welding Gas) they would be willing to donate to Hive13? Any size, gas type, fill level, and even out-of-test would be helpful.

Dave V., Jim D. and a few others of us, have been working on getting us set up for gas bottle refill delivery, so that it is not as much of a pain for us to deal with every ~6 months. As part of that, we would like to get to the point that we have 2 each of the 75/25 MIG gas and 100% Ar TIG gas bottles, so that we can run them completely empty before scheduling a refill without having no gas on hand.

Any bottles we can obtain have value in being traded for the the ones we want, so if anyone has ones they are willing to part with, please let us know!


Kevin M.